“He who believes being good turns evil, he who does evil suddenly finds his good heart.” – Unknown

The next lines reflect my opinion. The ideas in this article are not new. Philosophers, truck-drivers, Buddhists and housewives have expressed same points of view before me. 

Our side and the bad side


nazi In the WWII propaganda, Nazis glorified Hitler, the german culture and the Arian race, whereas everyone else was inferior. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Americans were portraying their european/asian enemies as evil (as if all Germans/Japanese were bad people) . It doesn’t seem like things have changed; nowadays, Left and Right-wing politicians don’t spare insults against each other.

The one who claims he is enlightened or is a saint sent from God to save the mankind is most likely to be dominated by his vanity, lacking morals and very much controlled by his own ego. So, personally, I don’t believe in all the saints, gurus and other people who claim themselves to carry a holy duty on earth, neither in moral, social, political nor spiritual issues (As a Yoga teacher, I have found many “enlightened gurus”).

I might sound like Saint Augustine or the French moralists, but I believe that one should be suspicious of a self-proclaimed preacher of virtue.  When someone tells us that he or she is purely honest and sincere, there is a false self-proclamation of their own virtue, which is, ironically, their vice. From a moralistic point of view, it is up to the surrounding counterparts (the world) to recognize one’s virtue.

narcissistThe society is, nowadays, dominated by narcissistic ideals. Most people show a self-image of open-mindedness and politically correctness, but, ironically, the tolerance of different opinions and ideas is very low, so that freedom of speech is limited to what we believe is tolerable. We are getting less resilient, needy, frustrated and very afraid of failing. By hiding our “darkness”, we cast our shadow of hypocrisy onto whatever is not belonging to “our side”, and since our society is getting very uncomfortable in not being right, we’ve created a social marketing strategy to cope with that. It is all about showing to the world how politically correct we are. We are a society that proudly talks about how we are helping poor kids in Africa, while most of us don’t show empathy when our newborn neighbor cry at night.

So, if we are seeing the evil in capitalism, patriarchal society, refugees, religion or whatever that doesn’t fit into our core beliefs, we are probably running away from our own responsibility. Instead of demanding the world to change in order to meet our needs and make everything fit our bubble of perfection, we should look within. The evolution of our consciousness starts when we challenge our core beliefs, listen and understand the other side. We contribute to a more balanced society in the moment we take responsibility for our mess in the world, instead of blaming the world for being a mess.

We should be fine with our failures. A sinner is much more reliable than somebody who believes being all-saint.

 If you believe you are on the good side, then you are probably not.

Us and them – Believing that you are on right side might be wrong

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