We, at Budo-Yogi, believe that natural living and meaningful activities will help create a greater perspective of life that will help people find harmony in the disconnected and divided world, in which we live.

Budo is Japanese for “martial way”. After warriors in medieval Japan had torn down all external barriers, they realized that the solution to peace was not an outer battle. A yogi is one who embodies compassion and kindness.

In short, a budo-yogi is a peaceful warrior, connected to the wisdom and love from within, motivated by great heartfelt benevolence to contribute to the benefit of all.

Through news and events regarding a healthy diet, holistic therapy, martial arts, mindfulness and yoga, we intend to provide empowerment tools for self-liberation in order to help explore our highest potential. We, budo-yogis, hope to inspire and get inspired to live a more balanced life and contribute to a peaceful society in which are all connected.