Image of successful businessman in formalwear meditating outside

Stress and lack of exercise is in many companies experienced as a serious problem. The consequences are not to be underestimated, for both the employer and the employee. It can lead to lifestyle diseases, which often results in sick leave or in worst case early retirement. Stress keeps the distressed in a tense and fearful state focused on survival, which may easily spread to colleagues and leave little energy for learning, creativity, team-work and productivity.

Studies prove yoga and mindfulness as effective tools and is seen as a good investment in optimizing business by increasing resilience and health of the employees. In short, only a bit of yoga everyday, will very fast change your brain chemistry and increase your daily skills in:

  • Decision making
  • Time- AND stress management
  • Communication
  • Alertness and clear thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Pain relief and body posture
  • Team-work

The B-Y coaching provides a variety of techniques and tools to lead you and your employees into an effective, stable and joyful work environment. Our experiences have given us insights into what employees and employers needs to thrive. We create workshops which will be fitted to the individual work space and their core issues. The BY approach is holistic and focus on the individual as well as the whole team.


For a coaching session of 60 minutes, the investment is 90€ incl. VAT of 19%.


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