Open Holistic Vinyasa – Donation based

Vinyasa combines breath and movement in creative sequences. This class is entirely donation based.


Infinite – Weidenweg 69, 10247 Berlin

Friday: 16:30

Yin Yoga

In the yin and yang duality, yang is active whereas yin is passive. Through long, deep and sustained asanas, Yin Yoga will challenge you on an entirely new level. It targets the deep tissues of the muscles to reduce inflammation. Besides physical benefits, Yin Yoga also improves mental health. It teaches you to allow and accept the stage in which you are in, to find peace in the storm, and be present with what arises without fixing it. The observing stillness of Yin Yoga works as a perfect balance to the dynamic yang-dominated yoga and society, which we’re often in touch with. In our classes, we create a safe and welcoming space for you to reboot and reload.

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rodrigoyinInfinity Sunlight – Gubener Straße 27, 10243 S-Bahhof Warschauer Straße
Thursday: 18:15